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Jointly Cultivating Talents: Hohai University Internship Base Unveiling Ceremony Held at LTMG Headquarters!

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On January 26, 2024, the unveiling ceremony of the undergraduate internship base jointly established by the School of Business at Hohai University and LTMG Machinery Group was successfully held at the headquarters of LTMG Machinery Group. Professor Tang Zhen, Vice Dean of the School of Business at Hohai University, faculty representatives, Devin Guo, Ceo of LTMG Machinery Group, and other representatives attended the plaque awarding ceremony.

At 10 a.m., the unveiling ceremony officially began. Ms. Rui Mei, representing the Human Resources Department of LTMG Machinery Group, introduced the development overview, corporate culture, and employee activities of LTMG Machinery Group. She emphasized the company's emphasis on employee training, creating a good platform for learning and development, including product knowledge training, skills training, overseas field trips, etc., insisting on the combination of theory and practice to help employees grow continuously in their careers. Representatives from Hohai University expressed high recognition for LTMG Machinery Group' development achievements and employee training model.


Meanwhile, LTMG Machinery Group has developed a special internship program for undergraduate students from the School of Business at Hohai University, including product knowledge learning, on-site visits to production bases, practical business negotiations, etc. to provide comprehensive internship opportunities for students from the School of Business at Hohai University and help them grow into competent business talents through practice. Subsequently, representatives from both the university and the enterprise engaged in in-depth exchanges and discussions on the operation and management of the internship program and internship teaching.


Discussion on College-Enterprise Cooperation 

In the presence of the participants, representatives from both sides signed a cooperation agreement, jointly unveiling the internship base for undergraduate students. The Vice Dean of the School of Business at Hohai University expressed gratitude in his speech for LTMG Machinery Group's long-term support to the university, providing high-quality internship platforms for undergraduate students, and looking forward to the interns integrating theory with practice more effectively through internships to enhance their comprehensive qualities and promote high-quality employment.


Group photo of the unveiling ceremony

The successful holding of this unveiling ceremony marks a further deepening of the cooperation between the School of Business at Hohai University and LTMG Machinery Group. In the future, both sides will work together to jointly cultivate more versatile and innovative business talents based on "university-enterprise cooperation," create a win-win situation for both the university and the enterprise, and create more value for society.