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After-sale Service
After-sale Service
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After-sale Service

After-sale service


We manufacturers,LTMG Machinery Group(LTMG) always treat after-sale service important as the same as product quality. We would supply the outstanding sales service as well as after-sale service for you.
We have over 100 maintenance centers which spread all over the country answer customer’s inquiries and respond to customers' request for assistance and provide innovative and effective solutions to customer needs within 24 hours. All branches or offices of LTMG Providing not only maintenance anytime but also the rental service. We do our best to overcome time and geographical constraint to serve our customers.

2. Long-term 
According to the custoomers’s request. We provide long-term consultation as well as warranty by our highly competent and skilled technical personnel. Consistent administration of users' files, and friendly, patient and attentive technical consultancy is our promise.

3. Parts 
Parts distribution centers of our company.At all levels provide you with original parts.

4. Training 
Users' training sessions and symposiums are conducted on a regular basis.

5. Complaint 
Should you be dissatisfied with any detail of the sales and service of our company. Please feel free to contact us and we will do our outmost to provide a solution which you will find fully satisfactory.