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Confluence of Rivers, Setting Sail with Brilliance: LTMG Machinery Group Concludes its 2023 Year-end Summary Meeting and Annual Celebration

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As time moves forward, we embark on new journeys. On February 3, 2024, the "Confluence of Rivers, Setting Sail with Brilliance" year-end summary meeting and annual celebration of LTMG Machinery Group was grandly held at the Conrad Hotel in Xiamen. Representatives from the group company and its subsidiaries gathered together to review the achievements and shortcomings of 2023 and to look forward to the goals and dreams of 2024.

Reviewing the Past, Looking to the Future

At 1 p.m., the 2023 year-end summary meeting of LTMG Machinery Group officially began. Representatives from the group company and heads of departments such as research and development, production, and international trade thoroughly summarized the work achievements and shortcomings of each department in 2023, and briefly outlined the strategic planning for 2024.

During the meeting, Tinna Zheng, the Marketing Director, emphasized the importance of strengthening coordination and communication between the Marketing Department and the International Trade Department. She pointed out that only by closer cooperation between the two departments can we better understand customer needs, improve market responsiveness, and provide customers with better services and experiences.



At the end of the meeting, Devin Guo, Chairman of LTMG Machinery Group, delivered a concluding speech. He affirmed the efforts and contributions of various departments of the group and its subsidiaries in 2023, especially praising the work of the research and development and production departments. He also outlined expectations for each department in 2024 - to continue to strengthen innovation, maintain the original intention of serving customers, and improve product quality and service levels. Finally, Devin Guo concluded with a quote from Biographies of famous Chinese figures"The Biography of Zeng Guofan": "The most clumsy in the world can defeat the most cunning. Digging hard fortresses and fighting dull battles," encouraging employees to serve customers steadfastly, reflecting LTMG Machinery Group' determination to serve customers from beginning to end!

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Honors and Brilliance Await

At 6 p.m., the year-end banquet officially began. The long-awaited commendation ceremony became the most eye-catching part of the entire event. The group company specially commended outstanding employees and teams for their outstanding leadership and teamwork in project advancement and business expansion. At the same time, LTMG Machinery Group highly praised employees who are customer-oriented and actively solve customer problems. These employees have won the trust of customers through their down-to-earth service attitude and efficient problem-solving abilities.


Passionate Displays of Excellence

After the commendation ceremony, a splendid banquet unfolded amidst the opening dance. On stage, talented employees showcased their colorful spirits through various art forms such as singing, dancing, performances, and music, pushing the entire evening to its climax with brilliant performances.


As the program ended, everyone released paper airplanes, symbolizing not only bidding farewell to the past year but also expressing hopeful expectations for the future. Within the soaring paper airplanes lies the firm commitment of each employee to the company's original intention of serving customers and providing superior products.


With the flight of the paper airplanes, the 2023 year-end summary meeting and annual celebration of LTMG Machinery Group came to a successful conclusion. Converging rivers, setting sail with brilliance, LTMG Machinery Group will face the challenges of the new year with even greater enthusiasm and a more pragmatic approach. Let's work together, forge brilliance, and create even more splendid achievements in the new journey ahead!