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Spreading Love by Machinery Power: LTMG Machinery Donation Public Welfare Program Officially Launches!

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Since its establishment, LTMG has always upheld the corporate philosophy of "originating from society and giving back to society," insisting on practicing social responsibility in multiple public welfare fields such as education, poverty alleviation, and disaster relief. To further deepen the public welfare impact, LTMG officially launched the "Spreading Love by Machinery Power" engineering machinery equipment donation public welfare program in 2024, which provides organizations or individuals in need of engineering machinery for public welfare charity projects worldwide with free equipment, promoting the development of global public welfare through practical actions.


Details of the public welfare donation program are as follows:


Ⅰ. Applicable Objects 

Those organizations, government agencies, volunteer teams, or individuals who plan to purchase engineering machinery products within our business scope (such as forklifts, excavators, loaders, etc.) for use in various public welfare projects.


Ⅱ. Project Amount

For a single public welfare project, the value of goods shall not exceed $20,000 USD, which is intended solely to cover the procurement cost of the products; other related expenses such as transportation, installation, and commissioning fees shall be borne by the applicant.


Ⅲ. Required Materials

Confirmation letters from Chinese embassies abroad, local government documents, and other authenticity materials.


Ⅳ. Application Method

You can contact us through the following methods or directly contact the LTMG salesman.



Phone: +86-0592-5681408

Mobile: +86 17350015962

WhatsApp: +86 17350015962

WeChat: ltmgmachinery


Ⅴ.Other Conditions

Organizations and individuals participating in the project must comply with relevant policies and regulations, be honest and trustworthy, and not engage in fraud. Actively support and cooperate with project implementation.


LTMG firmly believes that the core mission of an enterprise is not simply for profits, but also to actively fulfill social responsibilities and promote the progress of social civilization. If you or your organization urgently need support in the field of public welfare such as earthquake resistance, disaster relief, agriculture assistance, poverty alleviation, etc., please contact us. We are willing to work together with you to contribute to social welfare.