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Technological breakout: New High-Voltage Lithium-ion Forklift of LTMG

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On January 15, 2024, LTMG unveiled a groundbreaking high-voltage lithium-ion forklift, marking a significant leap forward and a new milestone in the lithium-ion forklift industry for its outstanding performance.



Nowadays, due to the escalating demands for environmental sustainability and energy efficiency, lithium-ion technology is gradually emerging as the mainstream in the forklift industry. However, there are still potential issues during operation, such as excessive battery wear under complex working conditions and instability in charging equipment. Addressing the challenges faced by the current development of lithium-ion forklifts, LTMG's technical team proactively explores innovative solutions, officially introducing the 3~3.5-ton high-voltage lithium-ion forklift, which is to enhance the reliability and stability of lithium-ion forklifts in various work environments. 

Together with features of conventional lithium-ion forklifts as rapid charging, low emissions, and cost-effectiveness, this high-voltage lithium-ion forklift employs a three-system constant temperature control technology that ensures the maintenance of an appropriate working temperature even under extreme conditions to enable normal operation at temperatures as low as -30°C and as high as 60°C. Simultaneously, the forklift exhibits outstanding waterproof performance, boasting an IP67 waterproof rating. This guarantees the electric forklift's functionality in adverse weather conditions or heavy rain, preventing water infiltration that could lead to equipment damage or downtime, thus providing users with a more reliable operational experience.

Following its production, the forklift underwent a series of rigorous simulated condition tests, including rain simulation tests, extreme temperature tests at -30°C and 60°C, 4000-meter high-altitude condition tests, and high-concentration dust environment tests (4mg/m3). The forklift excelled in all these tests, showcasing remarkable performance and stability to ensure reliable operation in diverse extreme environments.


Weidong Lin, Quality Supervisor of the Production Department, remarked, "The high-voltage lithium-ion forklift features stronger power and superior endurance, making it suitable for various extreme working conditions. It addresses common issues found in conventional lithium-ion forklifts, such as concerns about water resistance and insufficient power. Looking forward to its optimal performance in practical applications." 

The release of this high-voltage lithium-ion forklift not only enriches LTMG's lineup of material handling products but also signifies a crucial strategic step forward in the field of logistics and material handling equipment. Looking ahead, LTMG will persistently increase its investment in technological innovation, anchoring towards high-end transformation, intelligent upgrading, and green transformation, continuously delivering higher quality material handling solutions for global users.