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Clarification Notice - Regarding Nearsun Scam Website and Impersonated Emails

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Dear Customers,


We have recently discovered that individuals have been impersonating employees of our subsidiary, Nearsun Heavy Machinery Co Ltd, by using forged emails and websites for fraudulent purposes. We would like to clarify that the website and the associated email address are not affiliated with Nearsun Heavy Machinery Co Ltd. It has come to our attention that this domain was fraudulently registered by an individual named Maria Xiang with the intent to deceive. Please note that Maria Xiang is not an employee of our company but rather a scammer.


We strongly advise exercising caution when dealing with any correspondence from the email address Any documents or statements of work received from this source should be considered invalid and fraudulent.


Immediate action is being taken to address this fraudulent activity, and we have reported the matter to the relevant authorities. Your vigilance and cooperation in this matter are greatly appreciated.


If you have any concerns or encounter suspicious activities, please contact us directly through the official channels listed on our website:


Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in our efforts to combat scams.


Best regards,

LTMG Machinery Group