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Gathering at Canton Fair, Setting Sail in a Prosperous Era: LTMG Participate the 135th Canton Fair

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The 135th Canton Fair was officially opened on April 15, 2024, with a warm atmosphere and crowds. As a leading manufacturer of logistics handling and construction machinery equipment in China, the Forklift Team of LTMG Overseas Business Department cherishes every opportunity to talk to the outside world. In the Canton Fair, LTMG showed a variety of forklifts (Booth No. 12.0C31) to meet the diverse needs of customers, showing our brand concept and technical strength to both new and old customers visiting the site!

In the meanwhile, LTMG’s newly debuted high-voltage lithium electric forklift attracted numerous attention on-site. The forklift's overall structure and core systems integrate the industry's most cutting-edge high-voltage lithium electric drive technology, paired with precise control systems and a unique triple-system constant temperature management solution, perfectly exemplifying LTMG's unwavering commitment to and innovative practice of the three major concepts of energy saving, environmental protection, and safety. Under the detailed explanation of the sales manager, Eva, many customers showed strong interest in this product, expressing their desire to personally operate and experience its performance.


With the grand opening of the 135th Canton Fair, we sincerely invite friends from all walks of life to visit LTMG's booth (Booth No. 12.0C31) to experience our innovative solutions and communicate with our team members! We have also prepared exquisite souvenir bags to thank our customers for their support. With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, LTMG has always adhered to the philosophy of creating outstanding value for our customers, demanding more from ourselves and giving more to our customers. Looking forward to the next four days in the Canton Fair, LTMG can continue to show its unique charm and innovative ability, and bring surprises to customers. We warmly welcome friends from all over the world to visit us and start a wonderful cooperation journey with LTMG!