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Assisting on Central Asia Port Construction Program ——Delivery Ceremony of LTMG Container Reach Stacker

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  In the afternoon of July 14th, 5 sets of LTMG's reach stackers and container handler were neatly lined up in LTMG's factory and were undergoing the delivery ceremony after passing the quality inspection and acceptance, and they were about to leave for Kazakhstan to help the construction of the local port. On that day, LTMG's staff and the Kazakhstan customer's domestic agent attended the delivery ceremony together.


Before the ceremony, LTMG commissioned the National Quality Inspection and Testing Center for reach stackers and container handler to conduct a comprehensive inspection and evaluation of these frontal cranes and stackers., including the mechanical structure, electrical system, hydraulic system, and other related components. Through the inspection of measuring instruments, pressure test equipment, load test system and control system, to ensure that the sensitivity of the program machine and the technical indexes of the frontal crane are in line with the requirements. Among them, the stability test was emphasized, and the overload detection and protection control system was tested to ensure the stability of the operation of the vehicle under load and its sensitivity to the dynamic change of load perception, to ensure that it can carry out real-time alarm and automatically cut off the mechanical operation in case of overload, so as to achieve the purpose of protecting the frontal crane. After careful testing by the staff, this batch of products all meet the export standard.



reach stacker being load tested

On the site of the delivery ceremony, the agent and LTMG had a full communication. "In the field of reach stacker, there are many more famous brands in China. But LTMG has shown more abundant and mature experience in the communication process. From the point of view of product quality, its products are not inferior to others of the same kind." The agent commented on this cooperation.


Delivery Ceremony of LTMG Container Reach Stacker

 The exported reach stackers has excellent performance. It is equipped with an advanced electrical control system and Can-bus communication technology, and the engine, transmission, hydraulic system, and other components are fully integrated into the Can-bus system for real-time monitoring of the equipment. The pumps and main valves are selected from a hydraulic system specially designed by Linde Hydraulics for reach stackers, combining high efficiency, low energy consumption, and long service life. "It will soon be put into operation at the Port of Kuryk and we look forward to its performance." The Kazakhstan customer has shown high expectations for the product.


The delivery ceremony ended successfully at 5:00 pm. Soon these 5 sets of LTMG  reach stackers and container handler will arrive in Kazakhstan, adding help to the local urban construction and economic development. LTMG will continue to insist on the upgrading and development of technology and products and is committed to meeting the actual needs of customers around the world, providing them with the best quality solutions.