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Product selling point
1. Four wheel double-line caliper disc braking system with a gas container in the back to guarantee a more safety and reliable operation.

2. Powerful engine: Weichai low rated rotate speed engine, strong power, energy conservation and environmental protection. Cummins engine, Shangchai engine is optional.

3. Easy to maintain: New design of skeleton structure hood. Wide –opening hood makes  servicing & maintenance of engine easier. Large distance between up and down articulated boards creates large maintenance space. Exclusive dust-proof layer and sealed articulated points make the loader more durable.

4. Hydraulic systems:  adopt confluence of dual-pump confluence and diffluence technology, rational use of engine power, reduce energy consumption effectively. Independent transmission oil and hydraulic oil cooling improve the hydraulic system stability.

5. Double lifting arm makes the broad view. Articulated frame with small turning radius makes the wheel loader flexible and convenient to operate.

6. Optional spare parts chosen by users, such as the air conditioner, heat system, joystick, longer arms and so on.

7. Quick hitch for special needs such as the log grapple, fork, snow blade, grass fork, enlarged bucket, rock bucket, loose material bucket, side dump device, ect.



型号Model LT955
操作重量 Operating weight 16500KG
额定载荷 Rated load 5000KG
铲斗容量 Bucket capacity 3m³
发动机型号 Engine Model Weichai/Cummins
额定功率 Rated power 162KW/2200r/min
外形尺寸 Overall dimension (LxWxH) 7600mm*3000mm*3350mm
最小转弯半径 Minimum Turning Radius 6650mm
轴距 Wheel base 2760mm
轮距 Track base 2250mm
最大卸载高度 Max Dumping height 3180mm
最大卸载距离 Max Dumping reach 1250mm
变速箱形式 Transmission  
档位 Gear shift 2 forward 1 reverse
最大行驶速度 Max. speed 38km/h
轮胎尺寸 Tire size 23.5-25
操作类型 Operating type  
可选配置 Optional configuration Air conditioner rearview camera etc.
可选属具 Optional attachment Quick hitch fork log grapple etc.

With technological innovation our product configuration and parameters will continue to change without notice; 

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