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Interviewed by Gabon’s Official TV Station

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On June 2018, The Gabon Wood Show (GWS) was held at the Libreville Botanical in Gabon. At this exhibition, LTMG Group presented the LT15J log loader, the FD50 5-ton diesel forklift. The products of LTMG Group are outstanding at the exhibition and have successfully attracted visitors from all over the world. It was also interviewed by Gabon’s official TV station.

Reporter: Has the LTMG Group opened up the market in Gabon before, what is the market situation?

Our sales manager Devin: We are proud to say that our LTMG products have entered the Gabon market for 5 years and the market coverage is as high as 65%. And LTMG has a sales and service center in the NKOK industrial zone in Gabon.

Reporter: What is the reason for your company to pay attention to the Gabon market?

Our sales manager Devin: Based on Gabon's unique geographical position and economic development of Gabon's wood industry, LTMG's log grabbers loader, forklifts, wheel loaders and other products are not only in the Gabon market, but also attract other neighboring countries customers, such as: Congo, Cameroon, Guinea etc. the area is full of market potential.

Reporter: What has your company achieved so far?

Our sales manager Devin: We have gained friendship and made many friends which is much happier than receiving an order.

Reporter: Will you participate in the Gabon Wood Show next time?

Our sales manager Devin: Undoubtedly, looking forward to the next exhibition LTMG will present more advanced and cool products.

      The exhibition was valued by the President of Gabon and the government departments of Gabon. The President of Gabon and the Minister of Foreign Affairs visited our booth, gave high praise and appreciation to our products. The importance attached by the Gabon government and the traditional friendly relations and cooperation between China and Africa have greatly encouraged the development of the LTMG group in Gabon and Africa.