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Mechanical Iron Bull - Tractor Overview

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With the continuous acceleration of the global agricultural modernization process, the pattern of the tractor market is becoming increasingly diversified. According to industry data analysis, the global tractor market is showing a steady expansion trend year by year, with various innovative and efficient tractor products emerging one after another, and market competition is becoming increasingly fierce. In this context, it is particularly important to understand the classification of tractor applications.

Generally speaking, the functional purposes of tractors can be mainly divided into three core categories: industrial, forestry, and agricultural. Each type of tractor has its own unique functional configuration and application scenarios.

1. Industrial Tractors: Mainly used in road construction, mining, water conservancy, petroleum, and construction projects, and can be used for basic farmland construction operations.

2. Forestry Tractors: Mainly used in forest areas for timber harvesting, which involves collecting and transporting felled timber to the forest area. Equipped with special attachments, they can also be used for tree planting, afforestation, and logging operations.

3. Agricultural Tractors: Agricultural tractors are mainly used in agricultural production and are also known as "mechanical iron bulls" due to their powerful power and durability. According to their different uses, they can be divided into:


(1) General Tractors: Widely used for general field operations, fixed operations, and transportation under normal conditions.

(2) Cultivation Tractors: These tractors have a higher ground clearance and narrower tires. They are mainly used for cultivation but can also be used for other operations.

(3) Horticultural Tractors: Mainly used in orchards, vegetable fields, tea plantations, etc. They are characterized by their small size, maneuverability, and low power, such as hand-held tractors and small four-wheel tractors. 

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