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Skid Steer Loader Enter the Era of Electric Drive Technology!

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Compact body size and multifunctional product attributes make skid steer loaders popular in the field of construction machinery. Its unique wheeled traveling structure, all-wheel drive and skid steering work in conjunction with each other, allowing it to 360-degree in-situ steering, able to adapt to narrow or underground construction environments, and greatly enhance the operational efficiency.

As the United States appeared in 1960, in the subsequent series of investment in research and development, through the production of supporting a variety of attachments, so that the use of skid steer loaders continue to expand the field. Randomly and quickly change or hook up various working devices at the construction site, suitable for infrastructure construction, road maintenance, landscaping, dock loading and unloading and industrial enterprises, has become a popular small construction machinery in Europe and the United States and other countries.


In the post COVID-19 era, the global economy is experiencing a new round of recovery, a large number of construction projects are also increasing, this action will also promote the market demand for skid steer loaders. Currently, North America has become the world's largest consumer of skid steer loaders,the famous construction machinery brand-Botcat, holds about 40% of the market share, while the European market is followed by about 32% of the market share.


Although the market is becoming increasingly competitive, but the market space of the loader is still sufficient to fill the margin. The future development of skid steer loaders is expected to be centered on the following 3 directions:

1. Full Product Coverage:

In order to minimize the product replacement cycle, major manufacturers will consider upgrading their product lines to different specifications and models of skid steer loaders, covering micro, small, medium, large and even ultra-large specifications, to fully meet the market of construction machinery and users requirements as much as possible.

2. Broadening of the field of application:

Hydraulic drive technology has been improved and developed, has been able to make the work device equipped with the quick-change coupling equipped to realize all kinds of attachments instant replacement, realize the real one machine multi-purpose, improve work efficiency.

3. Low-carbon development, energy conservation and emission reduction:

In recent years, environmental issues have triggered a global debate, the phenomenon of emission pollution and waste of resources has been widely concerned, and the maintenance of the global economy has always been closely linked to low-carbon development. In the research and development manufacturing of construction machinery, more inclined to optimize the efficiency of the hydraulic driving system and control system, as far as possible to reduce pollution emissions, but also to reduce the noise of the operation.

One direction currently gaining significant attention in the industry involves achieving electrification technology that emphasizes energy, manpower, and time savings. Finding ways to optimize the structure and configuration of such technology is a crucial issue that every brand must address in order to remain competitive in the market. Not only the skid steer loader product, the entire construction machinery manufacturing industry will be in the future towards the "energy saving, emission reduction, green development" as the goal to do better to put it into an important position in the development strategy, and actively promote the in-depth development of skid steer loader products and technology, to achieve a significant increase in intelligence and efficiency, to better serve the user! We will put it into the important position of our development strategy and actively promote the in-depth development of skid steer loader technology to realize the significant improvement of intelligence and high efficiency and better serve the users.