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Daily maintenance of electric loader

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1. Routine maintenance
Check whether the water inlet and outlet of the motor are unobstructed
Check whether the connection of the grounding wire is reliable and whether the grounding mark is clear
The walking controller and the oil pump controller are not damaged and the connection is not loose
2. Monthly maintenance
All content of daily maintenance
Check all the fastening bolts of the motor, if loose, tighten the corresponding bolts
Check whether the cables, speed measuring lead wires, and temperature measuring lead wires are damaged. If they are damaged, they should be repaired. If they cannot be repaired, they should be replaced. Check whether the nameplate and warning plate are clear and whether they have fallen off
3. Special treatment for motors stored for more than 1 year
1. First check whether the parts of the motor are complete and in place; use the manual shaft, the rotor should rotate flexibly, except for the sound of the bearing rotating, there is no other abnormal sound
2. There should be no copper rust on the contact surface of the cable street. Then use a 1000V megger to check the insulation resistance of the stator winding to the frame
3. Motor idling inspection, use a matching controller to adjust the power supply, first let the motor rotate at a lower speed (50-100 r/min)
(1) After running at a slow speed for about 30 minutes, the speed can be slowly increased. (Oil pump motor is the same)
(2) Raise to the maximum speed of 3000r/min and rotate for 60 minutes. It is required that during the whole process, there should be no abnormal sound except for the sound of the bearing running; the motor should run smoothly. (Oil pump motor is the same)
4. Precautions for maintenance
1. When performing maintenance on the motor, live operation is strictly prohibited
2. When maintaining the motor on the frame, the maintenance must be carried out only when all safety measures are guaranteed.
Five, pay attention
Do not leave any tools used for maintenance inside the motor

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