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China's Construction Machinery Nuggets International Market

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After the third quarter of 2022, China's construction machinery market has shown a trend of recovery, with export sales exceeding domestic sales, driven by multiple factors, among which the national policy of stabilizing growth has played a significant role. Since the beginning of this year, the state has issued many policies to stabilize growth, which has formed a key supporting role in promoting the development of the entire industry.
From the perspective of supply, the upstream of the construction machinery industry mainly includes raw materials and core components such as steel, hydraulic parts, and engines. The price fluctuation of raw materials such as steel directly affects the production cost of construction machinery. In the first half of the year, the overall steel price showed a development trend of "rushing up and down", which will help improve the efficiency of construction machinery manufacturing enterprises and increase the enthusiasm of enterprises for production.
From the demand side, the construction machinery industry is greatly affected by downstream infrastructure construction, real estate construction, and coal mining. In the first half of the year, many projects were delayed due to factors such as high temperature and power curtailment in many places.


After entering the third quarter, my country's infrastructure investment accelerated. Many companies began to rush the construction period to ensure the completion of the construction progress throughout the year. In addition, the investment in the electromechanical industry is constantly expanding, the increase in overseas market demand, and the replacement demand brought by environmental protection and technology have all boosted the sales of construction machinery.
Since the third quarter, construction machinery as a whole has been able to return to positive growth, and export growth has indeed played an important role. Judging from customs statistics, the export volume of construction machinery continued to exceed 4 billion US dollars in July, August and September this year.
In the past, there was a strong brand inertia in the international construction machinery market. International brands had been deeply cultivated in some regional markets for many years, and it was difficult for domestic enterprises to enter major markets. But this pattern is changing. At present, many foreign construction machinery enterprises are facing problems such as uncontrollable production costs, incomplete industrial chain, long supply cycle, and difficulty in shipping. The supply of products has been greatly reduced, giving Chinese construction machinery enterprises the opportunity to expand the international market. The demand in foreign markets does exist, but the growth of exports is mainly due to the active deployment of domestic leading enterprises in technology research and development, industrial chain and international markets. my country's construction machinery enterprises have advantages in electrification and digitalization, strong industrial resilience, and cost-effective products, effectively seizing the opportunity to enter the international market.
Take Brazil as an example. In the past, it ranked in the top ten in my country's construction machinery export market, and it has entered the top ten in the third quarter. Nearly half of its imported construction machinery products are spare parts. "Whole" and "zero" exports have enabled domestic construction machinery enterprises to achieve leapfrog development in non-traditional advantageous markets.
If the export volume of domestic construction machinery can achieve continuous growth, it will promote the reconstruction of the entire international market structure of construction machinery.

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