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LTMG Rescue Diary: LT958 Supports Guatemala Road Rescue

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On April 6, 2023, a massive landslide occurred 61 kilometers from CA-1 West to Chimaltenango on the Inter-American Highway in Guatemala, blocking four lanes of traffic and causing a traffic jam. After the accident, the Guatemalan Army Corps of Engineers arrived on the scene with an LTMG loader to carry out rescue work.


According to the Ministry of Transportation, Infrastructure and Housing (CIV), about an hour after the landslide, the Guatemalan Army Corps of Engineers had cleared two lanes of traffic, and the efficient operation of the LTMGLT 958 loader's single boom cleared the landslide debris and opened lanes for vehicular traffic within an hour, increasing the efficiency of the rescue effort. In a public statement, Constructora Nacional, S.A., the company in charge of the Chimaltenango Bypass road, said that fortunately there were no casualties or trapped vehicles as a result of the accident, and that the Guatemalan Army Corps of Engineers was able to restore normal traffic order as quickly as possible after the government's first emergency response mechanism was activated.



LT958 Performing road cleaning work

The LTMG LT958 loader involved in the road rescue was purchased from China in 2021 by a local Guatemalan machinery dealer, who later won the tender with 3 units LT958 in a Guatemalan government machinery procurement project. The LT958 is now playing an important role in the work of the Guatemalan Army Corps of Engineers, providing valuable support and assistance in carrying out its various tasks.

We hope that in the future, LTMG machines will not only play their own value in road rescue work, but also improve the operability of drivers and reduce personnel operation training; and improve the efficiency of engineering projects and urban construction; LTMG will continue to promote technological innovation and product upgrade, and devote to provide more comprehensive and better quality solutions for customers, creating greater value for global customers.

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