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  • Load Capacity
  • Operating Weight
  • Rated Power
    72 kw
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Product selling point
Compacting and repairing the general road base and asphalt pavement, highway, city road, inter-city and country road, other projects, and etc.
The vibratory oscillatory roller is more suitable for compacting and repairing of bridge surface asphalt pavement which is unfit to compact by vibratory roller.
Main features
1. Drive system adopts the international reputed brand imported hydraulic components.
2. Hydraulic double drum drive, two range infinitely various speed.
Vibratory roller—both drums hydraulic vibration, with single frequency & double amplitude
Vibratory oscillatory roller—front-drum oscillation and rear-drum vibration, rear drum vibration with single frequency & double amplitude.
Starting vibration and converting by electric control delay with simple operation.
Hydraulic steering with articulated frame.
3. Both drums can be vibrated separately or simultaneously, to adapt to different working condition, with energy-saving, high-efficiency, and cost-effective.
4. Special fork support design to compact the road shoulder fully closed, with good visions.
5. Special design of double canopy, good heat insulation, wide vision
6. Operation station and operation seat can rotate around 90°, conveniently for curb compaction
7. The covers on both sides can be turned up in a big angel, the engine and hydraulic components are fully exposed, which are more convenient for maintenance.
8. Connective design for two anti-corrosive sprinkler tanks with large capacity, electric control pressurized sprinkler system, intermittent spraying.

item unit LTC80
Operating weight kg 8000
Rolling width mm 1700
Vibrating frequency Hz 42
Vibrating amplitude mm 0.75/0.35
Centrifugal force kN 82/30
Oscillation frequency Hz  
Oscillation amplitude mm  
Centrifugal torque kN•m  
Engine Manufacturer   Chang chai
Engine model   4G33TC
Engine power kw 72
Hydraulic components   DANFOSS

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