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Product selling point
1. Energy saving and noise reduction: It adopts a large torque reserve coefficient engine and three-stage EFI control technology, which is more energy saving; adopts advanced shock absorption and noise reduction technology, and the noise of the whole machine is low.
2. Strong power: Weichai engine is used to match the torque converter, and the optimal circular diameter of the torque converter is selected to achieve the best match between the torque converter and the engine, reduce the start-up acceleration time of the whole vehicle, and increase the low-speed work. The torque output is strong and powerful.
3. Efficient operation: The blade arc is optimized for fast and efficient digging and dumping, achieving optimal load distribution and minimal material accumulation in the turntable area.
4. Safe and reliable: full hydraulic braking system, load sensing steering system, international matching of key components, safe and reliable system; global optimization of structural components CAE, and special research with universities and research institutes.
5. Mobility and flexibility: The single-cylinder front axle with large steering angle of LTMG's patented technology, combined with the articulated frame, has a small turning radius and flexibility.
6. Comfortable operation: The diamond-shaped cab has six-point support for shock absorption, the operating mechanism is optimized, the operating force and operating stroke are reduced, the operating force is reduced by 30%, the operation is more flexible and comfortable, and the ergonomic operating system and operating environment are more comfortable .
Item Unit Parameter
Manufacturer - Weichai
Engine Model - WP4.1
Rated power/speed kW/rpm 75/2200
Forward velocity km/h 5/8/11/17/24/38
Reverse speed km/h 2005/11/24
Tractive effort f=0.75 kN ≥39
Minimum turning radius m 6
Length X chord height mm 3048*450
Overall dimension(standard) mm 7130*2375*3150
Total weight(standard) kg 7500

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