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Development Status and Advantages of Backhoe Loaders

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The wheeled four-wheel drive backhoe loader commonly used in earthmoving has a unique structure. During construction, the driver only needs to turn the seat to complete the transition from the loader to the excavator operator. So it is called "two ends busy" again. It is used in municipal, construction, highway, water conservancy, power supply, tap water, gardening and other departments, engaged in road maintenance, farmland construction, brick kiln borrowing, pipeline laying, cable laying, landscaping and other operations.

With the continuous improvement of my country's economic level and scientific and technological level, the cost of manual operations has gradually exceeded the cost of mechanical operations. At present, from the eastern region to the western region, the development process of mechanical replacement of manual work has been significantly accelerated. The requirements for the construction period and efficiency of the project are also getting higher and higher. Although some manual operations are economically feasible, they cannot meet the construction period requirements in terms of time and efficiency, so mechanized construction has become an inevitable choice. At the same time, because the backhoe loader has the functions of both the loader and the excavator, and can reduce the purchase investment, equipment maintenance and maintenance costs of the user, it has begun to be favored by more and more users. Our company also considers the configuration selection of backhoe loaders more for users. Here are a few big advantage points of backhoe loaders.

1. The backhoe loader adopts Weichai Deutz WP4G95E221 engine (Dongfeng Cummins is optional), which has the advantages of low noise, low fuel consumption, large power reserve and low emission.
2. The backhoe loader adopts the transmission system specially produced by Italian CARRARO company for backhoe loader. There are 2-wheel drive and 4-wheel drive models, both with differential lock and wet braking.
3. The dual-transformation system adopts imported four-speed synchronous, electro-hydraulic control forward and backward, and mechanical synchronous gear shifting specially designed for backhoe loaders.
4. The loader has a hydraulic drive clutch and a clutch disengagement button that enables the machine to quickly shift gears according to road conditions.
5. Electro-hydraulic control forward/backward direction switching, no need to operate the clutch. Due to the low operating force, the direction change is smoother, the work cycle is faster, and the production efficiency is higher.
6. Imported drive axle specially designed for backhoe loader, maintenance-free wet brake, which greatly improves the safety and reliability of driving. With differential lock, the traction performance of the vehicle is greatly improved.
7. The use of open hydraulic system makes the operation more stable, the response more agile, and the excavation control more accurate.
8. The hydraulic system adopts a high-efficiency gear single-pump system, and the main components of the pump, multi-way valve and steering gear are all selected from domestic well-known companies.
9. Using the first four gears and the rear four, the maximum forward speed is over 40 km/h, which can fully meet the needs of users. At the same time, the hydraulic hammer control oil circuit is configured for the user, and the user can install the hydraulic hammer at any time as needed. The unique operation design makes the operation more comfortable and labor-saving.
10. The service brake and parking brake use wet brake, which has good braking effect, convenient adjustment of parking brake, original imported components, reliable quality, and ensures driving safety.
11. Provide users with a spacious and comfortable fully enclosed ROPS cab with all-round vision.

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