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To make the world cleaner, LTMG electric loader innovation

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Since the National Two Sessions in 2021, carbon peak and carbon neutral has become a key issue of concern for the whole society. In the context of a new round of industrial change overlaid with high-quality development, the situation of energy saving and emission reduction of construction machinery products is particularly serious. Promote the electrification of construction machinery and accelerate the transformation of construction machinery industry to new energy is the general trend.

At present, domestic and foreign construction machinery manufacturers in the new energy construction machinery products market planning, short-term internal combustion engine is still the main power source, long-term to develop fuel cells, biofuels, liquefied natural gas, pure electric power to achieve full coverage of zero carbon emissions; in the technical application, combined with intelligent network connection, automatic driving and other technologies, equipped with renewable energy, in order to change the way construction machinery work.
When the wave of electrified loaders swept in, LTMG stood on the trend and became the most active tide. A series of environmentally friendly electric products have been launched, such as the LBT07 micro electric wheel loader:

  1. Four wheel drive, full power. The whole machine has compact structure and flexible operation. The structural parts of the whole machine are optimized, stable and reliable.
  2. Reliable battery, drive motor and electrical accessory system, advanced AC controller and CANbus data bus technology ensure the durability and long endurance of the equipment.
  3. The cover of the whole machine can be turned over to facilitate maintenance. The system maintenance items are simple and convenient, saving maintenance time and labor cost. Families can charge by themselves, which is convenient and safe to use.
  4. The operating device is designed by ergonomics, with comfortable operation and stable driving. The whole machine protection frame provides full safety protection for drivers.
  5. Pure electric system has the advantages of high efficiency, zero exhaust emission, low noise, environmental protection and energy saving. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use with lower cost.

The era of new energy for construction machinery has come, Xiamen LTMG will work together with all colleagues to follow the trend of development of the times, keep in mind the theme of green environment protection, provide customers with more clean, intelligent and efficient pure electric construction machinery products, create a good ecosystem of new energy construction machinery products, and contribute to the realization of "carbon peak" and "carbon neutral". "carbon neutral" to contribute to the industry power.
We have a wide range of loader models. If you have any questions or need to know, Please feel free to contact us.