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LTMG management attended the 2023 Management Training Conference

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From February 18th to 19th, 2023, LTMG held a two -day management training meeting at the group headquarters. The meeting was attended by all members of the LTMG management. The training aims to improve the leadership and management capabilities of LTMG management personnel, and understand the current management trends and market developments.

The content of this training conference mainly focuses on the knowledge of leadership, strategic planning, team building, marketing and business development. In addition to listening to lectures and speeches, the participants also conducted interactive learning activities such as group discussions and case research.




"We are committed to the professional development and continuous learning of the management team," said LTMG Xiamen branch director, said, which is important for maintaining our leading position in the machinery industry. It is believed that management training plans will enable our managers to master more knowledge. And skills, lead LTMG to achieve a new height. "




After the training meeting, the participants said that they benefited a lot and applied the knowledge and skills they learned to the actual management of the company. Participating in such a training meeting can help continue to improve their management level, and they can also be able to continue to improve their management level. Further improve the company's operating efficiency and competitiveness.




Management training plan is part of LTMG's continuous efforts to establish a strong and effective management team to guide the company to achieve sustainable growth and success in the future is the goal of LTMG's unremitting pursuit.