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Loader buying guide (to user)

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Because numerous manufacturers offer wheel loaders, your choices are many. You owe it to yourself to become well-versed on the piece of equipment before you invest in it. Some criteria to consider:
How will you employ the wheel loader?
If you are a general contractor with a fleet of equipment and a specific repetitive task in mind, you know what model of machine you need. For everyone else, some consideration of tasks is in order. How will you use a wheel loader? You should make a list of probable applications and rank them by how often they will recur. Will you blade more than scoop? Blow snow more often than lift bales? For optimal performance of any task, several factors come into play including horsepower, weight, hydraulic flow, and configuration. Shop for a machine that will best suit your work.
Weigh features and capacities of individual machines.
If productivity is a make-or-break need, your wheel loader should be configured to that end. Loading dump trucks? Get a larger wheel loader with an engine and bucket capable of topping off a load in no more than three passes. Routinely performing different tasks in the course of a day? Get a smaller, more versatile loader with a quicker ground speed that will save time moving from job site to job site. With the variety of wheel loaders offered today, a buyer can closely tailor a purchase.
Weigh brand and dealership considerations.
Some manufacturers of heavy equipment are iconic — John Deere, Caterpillar, Volvo, Komatsu, etc. — and achieved such status from decades of turning out high-quality machinery. Confidence in their equipment is well-placed. On the other hand, Chinese brands build equally functional and dependable machines and oftentimes at a lower price. If you know what you are looking for in a wheel loader, shop around. It is easy enough to determine if a manufacturer and its dealers stand solidly behind their products. If machine quality, reputation and warranties all align with your expectations, the color and nameplate of a wheel loader are secondary.And LTMG is one of your best choice at this time!Welcome to visit our factory.